The idea that evolves in essence
Quality, innovation, passion, creativity, expertise.

This is the combination of ingredients that I see used daily in our company, while the love for this profession, the harmonious bond of all these elements, nurtures our ideas as they follow their path of research to become reality.

My career has been linked to the world of perfumery for more than 30 years, throughout a long and intense course that led me to understand and know this sector well, having been directly involved with all the processes and having an understanding of the dynamics.

My experience was then further consolidated in an important international group before accepting this new challenge in GRC with enthusiasm.

Like me, most of my collaborators come from the same school and from similar international career paths. We have built this new business using the know-how gained, optimising it and adapting it to new market needs, enhancing the values and modus operandi typical of Italian culture and simply applying the Made in Italy approach to the perfume sector.

The handmade quality of our products, the attention paid to the client and their satisfaction and the value we attribute to our resources for the purpose of nurturing long-term human and professional relationships are our CREDO and our guide.

Unlike many others, we in GRC strive to maintain the approach of a family-run business capable of assuring our clients of our total willingness to pursue their objectives as if they were our very own. This way of operating has given us the ability to develop and maintain transparent and long-term relationships.

Today our objective is to become the leading Italian firm recognised in both domestic and international markets as an exemplary company for product quality, service, and corporate responsibility, for both its clients and collaborators. We want to continue to provide ideal solutions and to create, each time, not a simple scent, but the right answer to our customers' requirements, adding value to their product.

Good business sense certainly helps... and we are definitely not short on that!

Il Presidente
Silvano Corlazzoli