In 2007, the GRC company has been selected by the Committee Politecnico Innovazione and entered in the list of top 100 companies on the market for entrepreneurial excellence. The publication of the top 100 companies selected was printed by the Milan Province.

NABA is a private Academy that was founded in Milan in 1980 with the objective to aimed at challenging the rigid academic tradition by introducing new visions and languages closed to contemporary artistic practice and the creative and artistic professions. In 1981 it was officially recognised by the Ministry of Public Education (now known as The Ministry of Education, University and Research).

Viapiranesi is a Milan based consulting studio and think tank producing services, contents, projects and research on contemporary architecture and design on an international scale. Viapiranesi was founded in july 2009 and merge the experience, knowledge, teams and networks of Lab design with senses and Lm Sas di Luca Molinari.

Project's name: Scent of Jordan

With: Arab Foundation (Amman), design fragranza: GRC parfum

Where/When: Spazio Fmg -mostra Message in the bottle- Milan, April 2010 – Salone del mobile

Project's name: VPS1

With: Do knith yourself with Naba, design fragranza VPS1: GRC parfum

Where/When: Evento MI.CI Fuori Salone 2010, - Milan, April 2010 – Salone del mobile

Production of fragrances worthy of bearing the EC Ecolabel, which represents the result of a certification process which verifies the conformity of a product to ecological standards imposed by the European Union.