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Our history
Today Italy is famous worldwide for the overwhelming appeal of its lifestyle. The creativity, elasticity, and lateral thinking typical of this country have enabled many Italians to become maestri in a variety of disciplines and inventors of unique products.

In Italy, even the art of perfume has deep historical roots, beginning with the ancient Romans and reaching into the famous master Italian perfumers of the Renaissance. The first true example of modern perfumery inside a European court can be found with Catherine de’ Medici, who was accompanied to the French court of Henri II by René le Florentin, who was actually none other than the Italian perfume maestro, Renato Bianco.

We know that each fragrance is in reality a story, brimming with life, with experiences, emotions, and creativity.

Sensations of a complex world that GRC continues to discover, explore, and share even today.


  • In 1927, Count Carlo Giovannelli de Noris founded the company called BPS with the objective of promoting the Italian heritage of perfume worldwide; the company soon developed its business both in Italy and abroad under the guidance of the Count’s son, Corrado.

    In 1990 BPS was acquired by the Roure-Bertrand-Dupont group, the well-known French company founded in 1820 and the creators of extraordinarily successful fragrances.
    In 1994, the merger of Roure with the Givaudan group gave rise to the Givaudan-Roure company. BPS was absorbed and became an integral part of this international group.

    In 1998, Givaudan-Roure - today simply Givaudan - in keeping with a decision to proceed with a reorganisation of existing production sites in various European nations, decided to sell the Italian branch of the company.
    Silvano Corlazzoli, through a management buyout, acquired the company, promising to maintain the existing structure and processes in order to guarantee continuity and client services.

    New market dynamics and rapid development over recent years has resulted in a tripling of the turnover and doubling of the number of employees, bringing GRC to open a new plant in 2008, where today complete industrial automation guarantees a high production capacity and the total traceability of lots to guarantee a final product of top quality without errors, capable of meeting and even exceeding the strictest certification standards required in today’s market.

    Today GRC is the undisputable Italian leader on the domestic market and in some of the international markets.