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Your products

All types of essences: for people, for spaces, for any moment of your day.


Fine Fragrances

Perfume that we wear, as though they were part of us. Our master perfumers expertly mix the best ingredients to design new olfactory identities every day.

Personal Care

The scents that make us feel good. That are there in the shower with us, on our skin where a beard was moments before, on our wrists and neck, behind our ears. Every day we create notes that respect the skin and transform cleansers, deodorants and creams into precious moments: daily beauty and wellbeing for the body.

Home Care

The smell of home, when we get back late and turn on the lights. The different scents of plates, floors, windows and ceramics. Freshly washed sheets and soft towels, crisply ironed shirts and suits, that sense of order that gets every day off to a good start. The GRC Parfum perfumers create olfactory notes that remain in the air, even after washing, spreading around the house and giving a pleasant smell to environmentally friendly cleaning products.