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Clean fragrances, our new range of scents

Posted: 06 May 2021 Words: Maria Giampetraglia Over the past few years, the modern world has become more focused on health, wellness, and sustainability. We are more conscious of the impact our way of life has on the planet resources and that some products can be harmful to us. Consequently, consumers have been looking to […]


Pets: modern, trendy and fashionable.


Male grooming: towards a new beauty standard.


GRC Parfum is more than a fragrance house.

Posted: 09 November 2020 Written by: Celia Orozco Cirimbilli   GRC Parfum is more than a fragrance house. It is, as the CEO said, “a magical world. Every day brings a new note. Every day has a different scent. We create something that didn’t exist”.   An Italian touch Born in 1998, the company remains […]