Clean fragrances, our new range of scents

Posted: 06 May 2021
Words: Maria Giampetraglia

Over the past few years, the modern world has become more focused on health, wellness, and sustainability. We are more conscious of the impact our way of life has on the planet resources and that some products can be harmful to us. Consequently, consumers have been looking to better understand the products they buy.


Clean beauty, the concept

Health-conscious consumers are drawn to beauty products claiming to be natural, organic, and fresh, reflecting the shift towards “clean label” products. With a philosophy where less is more, clean beauty is the big trend of the coming months. It is an approach where the ingredients used in the cosmetics are selected for their properties, a vision based on transparency, authenticity, and the desire to make a difference.

Cosmetics created with natural formulations and with ingredients easily recognizable on labels are considered more trustworthy or “safe” compared to conventional ones, while organic claims appeal to people wanting to avoid chemicals. This will become an important method for brands to improve their sustainability credentials and to engage younger consumers.


Our commitment

In order to meet our customers’ demands, and minimize the impact on the environment, GRC has accepted the challenge clean beauty. In addition to the COSMOS, AIAB and BIOS certified fragrances that we already provide, our perfumers’ team has dedicated itself to the creation of a new line of clean fragrances. And like all our perfumes, they comply with high quality standards and are subject to strict guidelines and to a blacklist of ingredients.


Our clean standards

Safe for health

No Allergens
No Sensitizers
No Phototoxic Substances
No PROP65 Substances
No Gluten



No Aquatic pollutants
No Pictograms
No Substances disruptive for ozone layer
No substances from endangered species


Nature friendly

No Nitro or Polycyclic musks
No Formaldehydes
No Nanomaterials
No Animal derived ingredients


With this new range of clean fragrances, we hope to keep giving to our customers new ways to express their desires and insights.