History in the air

GRC Parfum is the leading Italian fragrance company: from perfumery to personal care, from household cleaning products to air fresheners. Approximately 1,300 different raw materials cleverly combined to give everything the right essence: one made especially for you.

These essences has been chosen by over 800 customers in over 30 countries. And this is where it all starts: a big company with a family approach.

GRC Parfum is all of this. A brand-new fragrance every time. The highest quality and the utmost respect for the environment.

GRC Parfum was created from the Italian branch of historic company Givaudan- Roure, which was purchased in 1998 by Silvano Corlazzoli, who built his career within the company.

There is something that lingers in the air here: the know-how of a multinational that protects the traditions of the greatest perfumers in the world as well as those of a family with a passion for scent. That is why we like to call them Fragrances with an Italian Touch. The Italian touch. Bespoke. Made to measure. The utmost quality of made in Italy: a blend of creativity and history, art and commitment that is poured into our fragrances. This is our mission: give voice to the vision and desires of our customers by transforming them into fragrances, essences and emotions.

On the market for over 20 years with a constant desire to expand our horizons. There is so much more than a company behind this hard work. There is a know-how that unites two generations. Letizia Corlazzoli, shareholder and Operations Director of the family company shares the same goals and passions as her father Silvano. They certainly agree on one thing: “This magical world of perfume has always fascinated us. every day brings a new note, no day is the same as the one before. And every day you create something that didn’t exist.”

And behind every perfume is the work of a close-knit team of people. From perfumers to chemists, from the production department to the technical office. A well-oiled machine with a keen eye for innovation and its own wealth of cultural experiences to draw on. This is the air that visitors breathe here!