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Our home

This is where our fragrances take shape.

The GRC Parfum headquarters is made up of two units, connected by an external corridor: a tunnel that links the laboratory, the factory and the warehouse. Where everything functions and communicates. Where automation is attentive to craftsmanship and vice versa. At the entrance to the offices, right in front of the reception, is a vintage Vespa, to remind visitors that this is Made in Italy, the crossroads of tradition and innovation. It is a 10,000 m2 space that houses 33 kilometres of steel tubes. Here, the raw materials travel, packed in nitrogen, toward the mixing room.

Sustainability also translates into architecture with a low environmental impact. We use natural resources. A solar energy system covers 50% of our requirements. The factory was designed and developed vertically, so as to use electrical energy sparingly. Raw materials move from above: cascading down to become essences. Human technology for high quality fragrances.

Our natural environment